Since we don’t have a vet on staff, we end up at local vet offices quite often throughout the week with foster animals, especially cats! This can take a big chunk of time out of our workdays that could otherwise be spent on many of our other important tasks.

It would be an incredible help to have a few reliable volunteers to call on when we need transport help. Transport duties generally consist of one or more the following:

  • Foster pet vet visit
    • Pick the foster pet up, take it to the vet, stay through the appointment, relay any info provided by LCHS to the vet, bring the pet back and report an info from the vet
  • Foster pet vet drop off/pick up
    • Pick a foster pet up from LCHS, drop it off at the vet
    • Pick a foster pet up from the vet, drop it off at LCHS
  • Records/meds run
    • Pick up records or medications from a local vet and drop it off at the LCHS office

Transport Volunteer Requirements:

  • Have a valid FL Driver’s License
  • Be able to carry up to ~20lbs
  • Own transportation
  • Able to load and unload carriers for veterinarian appointments
  • Able to effectively comprehend and articulate information from veterinarian staff to the coordinating staff

Good to know:

  • Transport volunteers operate under their own insurance and are not covered by LCHS insurance
  • Unfortunately, we are not currently able to provide reimbursement for gas expenses
  • Some transport opportunities can be scheduled ahead of time for a set date and time. Others come up on the fly. You can indicate what you are comfortable with when you fill out our Transport Volunteer interest form.

To get started, make sure to: